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Presidents message:

     Welcome members and guests!
     February 2017 is already here and it is already bringing a mixture of weather that challenges an orchid grower at any level.  Many orchids are either starting to bloom or are developing bud spikes and that alone is challenging, especially with these occasional cold bursts, followed by warm sunny days. 
     With the cloudy days and dry conditions, many orchids drop their leaves and prepare to develop  buds. Many of the dendrobiums are  in this group and you will be seeing buds develop off of last years leafless canes. This is a natural growth cycle so do not think they are in trouble. water sparingly just to keep the canes from shriveling.
     Phalaenopsis are also starting to send up their spikes now and it is very important not to move the plants as the spikes are developing. Moving the plant at this stage will cause the bud spikes to twist and ruin the natural cascade of blooms later on.
     Observation is 90% of growing our plants to perfection, so keep your eye out for potential problems .......... See you on the 20th!   Dave


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We welcome you to visit us at any monthly meeting. Our Meeting place is:

Water's Edge of Bradenton

3132  21st Lane W.

(off 30th Ave.W')

Bradenton, Fl  34205

Always the 3rd Monday evening of the month at 7:00 PM

Monthly Meetings:

        February 20, 2017

     What's for lunch? Who did we not invite to our Orchid buffet ?
     Well, we all seem to have an occasional problem of a strange hole or spot that appears on our leaves as well as the flowers. Sometimes whole sections of our plants become diseased or spotted and as we all know, those spots and holes last for years! Lets get to the bottom of these problems.
     This is the time to bring in one of your pants, if not too large, and we will try and find out what we can do with it as well as discuss the causes as well as some remedies. Please bring your problem plant in a box or bag so we can examine and discuss those causes and potential remedies.
     Please bring in at least one plant each and we will try to get to all of them.
     Remember to bring in your Show plant to get judged and possibly get a ribbon!
     Remember that Dues are Due this month!   Dave