Presidents message .....

      Happy Spring!  Yes, I think Spring is finally here .... To stay!
Along with the spring things come the occasional "bug" and I most certainly had it for the last month. Sorry for the absence from the last meeting, but we will resume with the program this month!
  The watering restrictions will hopefully be a thing of the past and we will be back into our rainy season. That will be a relief for sure as all these plants are still recovering from the past freezes this spring.
  There are a lot of orchids blooming now  and the phalaenopsis seem to be going nuts, guess because it was so cold earlier! Your nobile dendrobiums are blooming and will be starting to put out growths as well as  "ki ki"s try and move these to a shadier location to prolong their blooms!
  Enjoy watching as new growths develop and try and keep up  with repotting! 
  Don't forget your problem container and also your blooming plants for the show table!   

See you all on the 16th of April, Dave



We welcome you to visit us at any monthly meeting. Our Meeting place is:

Water's Edge of Bradenton

3132  21st Lane W.

(off 30th Ave.W')

Bradenton, Fl  34205

Always the 3rd Monday evening of the month at 7:00 PM

Directions :

Dtps. Chain Xen Violin‚Äč

Monthly Meetings:

           May 21, 2018

                  7:00 PM

 Next meeting will be "Divide and Conquer." We will begin our meeting in the garden and hold the auction in the meeting room. Remember to bring a chair and bug spray!

The Stump the Designer Program was a HUGE success!! See pictures in "Photo" section  of web site.


The Board will have it's meeting prior to the regular meeting at 6:00 PM.