Monthly Meetings:

           October 16, 2017

                  7:00 PM

October meeting:  This will be a workshop with Cattleyas ( Nodosa Type )  ... Each Participant will get a BLOOMING size plant of C. Maikai which sould bloom in a few months from now!  There will be a $5.00 charge for members.

   With each plant , you will get a new 5" clay pot and clip.  C. Maikai is a nice compact grower so no need to stake.  We will be discussing other Nodosa hybrids as they are very easy to grow and most are fragrant especially at night. I will be bringing in samples of other members of this group. 

Don't forget to bring your blooming plants for our show table.

The Board will have it's meeting prior to the regular meeting at 6:00 PM.

 Our work day in the garden was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. We will reschedule in the future.

Dtps. Chain Xen Violin‚Äč

Presidents message .....

Well, what can I say, Hope you all made it through Irma with little damage and disruption!  We really were lucky with this storm, but I know that there were so many trees down that it has changed a lot of our growing areas and we may need to alter our growing habits. This is the time to ask each other what to do in our situations for growing. I have noticed that some plants have shown signs of sun burn and heat stress with this continued heat and even a resurgence of Trips and spider mites. Please bring in photos or samples of your plants for this October meeting ... if you have any questions.

    We will be doing a Workshop with a blooming size Cattleya Maikai  ... we will be putting them in a 5" clay pot during the meeting. Each member will be required to pay a minimal price of $5.00 for their "blooming size plant" Normally these plants would be at least $15.00,so it will be a great way to get a plant that should be Blooming in a few months. C. Maikai is a VERY reliable bloomer and a nice compact plant too!
   There will be some interesting programs coming up for our group and I hope you will enjoy them. For November, we will be making a centerpiece for each member to take home and use for their Thanksgiving table as Thanksgiving will only be a few days from the program. WE will need to have a count as to how many of you will be attending so we can prepare for this interesting workshop on the 20th of November.
   Hope to see you all at this coming meeting, Dave


Directions :

We welcome you to visit us at any monthly meeting. Our Meeting place is:

Water's Edge of Bradenton

3132  21st Lane W.

(off 30th Ave.W')

Bradenton, Fl  34205

Always the 3rd Monday evening of the month at 7:00 PM