Monthly Meetings:

           December 18, 2017

                  7:00 PM

   December Meeting:

This is our annual Christmas party and pot luck! Please let our contact people know whether you will be attending as we need to plan ahead with our Christmas gifts and food needed. Please bring your show table plants to get feedback on your ribbon quality plants, as well as, a ribbon for your efforts and culture! The society will be providing for the beverages and all the plates, etc. for the event. Hope to see many of you there!

The Board will have it's meeting prior to the regular meeting at 6:00 PM.

 Our work day in the garden was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. We will reschedule in the future.

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Presidents message .....
 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you! Yes, it seems like we were just getting used to the hot days of summer and now we are in winter! I am in hopes that this winter will be mild and we will be able to adjust to the cooler days without having to bring out all the covers and heaters.
    Watering seems to be a problem as well as thrips once again from the extremely dry air, especisaly during the afternoon. make sure to mist over your plants in the morning to counteract this problem. With that being said, enjoy the plethora of blooms this time of year, which includes many colorful and fragrant cattleya hybrids.
     Remember to watch for Phalaenopsis spikes as this is when they start to grow. Make sure that the Phal are positioned where you want the buds to develop as the spikes grow so fast and you Don't want to move them as the spikes will turn.
     Well this meeting will be our Christmas Party and pot luck. The Society will be giving each member a nice blooming Phalaenopsis plant for your help and participation in the past events and general meetings Just a little good cheer and thanks! We do, however, need to know if you are going to participate, so give one of our contacts a call!
     Remember to bring your show plants  to share with all and possibly learn something about your ribbon worthy plant.
     See you on the 18th of this month ....Dave




We welcome you to visit us at any monthly meeting. Our Meeting place is:

Water's Edge of Bradenton

3132  21st Lane W.

(off 30th Ave.W')

Bradenton, Fl  34205

Always the 3rd Monday evening of the month at 7:00 PM

Directions :