How on the way to Create the Traffic Clickfunnels For Leads Generation

If you’re looking to generate leads for your own home based online business MLM or otherwise, you’re going to need a working traffic clickfunnels. If the company you’ve joined hasn’t provided you with the required tools or training, or you’re selling your own product and are clueless as to how to proceed, this article will serve as a guide to get you started. If you do happen to be in one of the two above situations, I would highly recommend joining a new homebased business company that will provide you with these tools and training andor to find yourself an online personal mentor.

For now… let’s begin. Whatever product you’re selling, you’re going to want a short intriguing capture page to grab your prospect’s attention. The purpose of your capture page is not to actually sell anyone anything, but to simply gather a prospect’s clickfunnels pricing page information. Your capture page will have an optin form in which an individual will enter their name and email address… once someone has input this information into your capture page, they are now what you call a lead they haven’t actually bought anything yet, but they’ve expressed interest in your product and are now a potential for a sale.
Once their information is entered, your lead will be redirected to your page of choice… generally a page on which they can actually purchase something. Not everyone who has opted in on your capture page is going to insantly purchase something, and that is the purpose of your autoresponder.  Your autorespoder aweber is a very popular and very good autoresponder is going to send out a series of emails to each one of your leads remember you’ve captured all their email addresses on your capture page. Your email series will generally send out some free information to establish yourself as an authority on whatever product it is you’re selling, and it will also serve to establish some sort of rapport with your leads.

You should always include a link in each email where leads can purchase products from you, as well as your contact information. Once you have a steady stream of leads, you will start to make sales from your email series, or from leads who decide to call you directly. You shouldn’t shy away from talking to someone directly on the phone, as someone who actually makes the effort to phone you is likely very interested in joining you in your business, or making a purchase. It’s also very reassuring for them to actually talk to a real person.